MKF Winners

LDEI’s M.F.K. Fisher Prize (formerly M.F.K. Fisher Awards for Excellence in Culinary Writing)

M.F.K. Fisher Award Recipients:

2018 Grand-Prize Winner

Elaine T. Cicora (Cleveland), a freelance writer and editor, has been cooking and writing from her home in Northeast Ohio for the past 45 years. Her winning story, "Me and Chef Boyardee," published in the summer 2017 issue of Edible Cleveland, is about how Ettore Boiardi (“Chef Boyardee”), Cleveland’s first celebrity chef, influenced Cicora’s career. During her 10-year tenure as restaurant critic and food writer for the Cleveland alt-weekly Scene, she helped usher in the city’s now-stellar food scene. In the process, she snagged awards from the James Beard Foundation, the Association of Food Journalists, the Society of Professional Journalists and more. She has been a member of the Cleveland chapter of LDEI for 10 years.




2017 Grand-Prize Winner

Sandra Gutierrez of Cary, North Carolina, is the grand-prize winner and Internet Categorywinner of LDEI’s 2017 M.F.K. Fisher Awards. She is the author of four books, the former food editor of The Cary News, a freelance food writer, and a cooking instructor. Her articles and recipes have been published in newspapers and magazines around the world. Her winning story, “A Voice from the Nuevo South,” is about the Latino population's influence on Southern food and the Guatemalan author's personal insight into assimilation, discrimination, and the birth of food trends. 




 2016 Grand-Prize Winner

Dianne Jacob Dianne Jacob of Oakland, California., a writing coach, editor, and author of the "The Meaning of Mangoes," has been selected as the 2016 grand-prize winner and the internet category winner. Her winning article, chosen from among 80 entries, is about her parents longing for mangoes after they escaped the Communist revolution in China. Her article was posted on Lucky Peach, David Chang's Internet magazine at



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