M.F.K. Fisher Prize

 LDEI M.F.K. Fisher Prize is Open for Entries

Good news! After a hiatus, the M.F.K. Fisher Award of Excellence in Culinary Writing established by LDEI in 2006 (and tirelessly spearheaded by CiCi Williamson since its inception) is once again up and running. 

Renamed the LDEI M.F.K. Fisher Prize, the 2021 revamp modernizes the scope of the award to include eligible works of excellence in any media format including book, print, electronic, broadcast, television, podcast, and video that broaden understanding of the intersection of food and culture. Subject matter may include any area that explores food and culture such as, but not limited to, home cooking, travel, restaurants, memoir, biography, beverages, hospitality, arts of the table, agriculture, and culinary history.  Entries are not categorized by media format or subject matter. 

The works will be evaluated for voice, impactful cultural insight and contribution, and overall excellence by a diverse panel of independent distinguished judges. 

LDEI supports the exploration of past and present foodways as fundamental to insightful and impactful leadership and growth. Public recognition of these compelling works generates opportunity, connection, and advancement for the creator.  

Even better, the three top winners will be awarded cash prizes (first prize $3,000, second prize $2,000, and third prize $1,000). Seven additional Certificates of Distinction will also be awarded. We encourage all Dames and non-dame women to enter their impactful non-fiction works published or aired in the calendar year of 2020. You can enter now through March 31, 2021. The top prize winners will be celebrated in October at the annual Conference in San Antonio.

Click here to enter. All entries must include a $75 non-returnable handling fee and must be submitted through the LDEI website. Feel free to enter more than once, however, each separate entry must include the handling fee. Each entry must include an author/producer statement in support of the work not to exceed 500 words.

Questions? Mary McMahon and Mindy Merrell, co-chairs of the M.F.K. Fisher Prize committee, will happily answer them.

Mary McMahon, LDEI MFK Fisher Prize Co-Chair dolcemaria08@gmail.com

Mindy Merrell, LDEI MFK Fisher Prize Co-Chair 450min@gmail.com

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