Members of The Brock Circle

(Brock Circle Members as of June 8, 2018)

Initial Brock Circle Members

The Brock Circle was launched at the 2012 Atlanta Conference with an initial donation of $5,000 from Dame Alice Foreman plus the pledges of other attending Dames. Their donations support the Brock Circle membership of the following esteemed Dames:

This donation supports the Brock Circle memberships of:

  • Dame Carol Brock
  • Dame Dolores Snyder
  • Dame Jeanne Voltz
  • Dame Claire Boasi
  • Dame Julie Dannenbaum

Brock Circle Members


Dame Beth Allen
Dame Alison Awerbuch
Dame Antoinette Benjamin
Dame Claire Boasi
Dame Olga Boikess
Dame Carol Brock
Dame Janet Burgess
Dame Dolores Cakebread
Dame Julie Singer Chernoff
Dame Julie Dannenbaum
Dame Eileen Dubose
Dame Toria Emas
Dame Patty Erd
Dame Teresa J. Farney
Dame Linda Joyce Forristal
Dame Ingrid Gangestad
Dame Sylvia Ganier
Dame Alice Gautsch Foreman
Dame Patricia Gelles
Dame Kathy Gold
Dame Maria Gomez-Laurens
Dame Mary Ellen Griffin
Dame Barbara Hanley
Dame Dianne Hogerty
Dame Judith Hollis-Jones
Dame Caroline Rose Hunt (in honor of Diane Teitelbaum)

Dame Crickett Karson
Dame Holly Arnold Kinney
Dame Abigail Kirsch
Dame Tina Krinsky
Melissa's Produce
Dame Hayley Matson-Mathes
Dame Brenda McDowell
Dame Mary S. Moore
Dame JoAnne Naganawa
Dame Margaret Norfleet-Neff
Dame Sharon Olson
Dame Marsha J. Palanci
Dame Margaret Happel Perry
Dame Braiden Rex-Johnson
Dame Linda Roth
Dame Aileen Robbins
Dame Suzi Sheffield
Dame Beverly Soules
Dame Ann Stratte
Dame Vanessa Trost
Dame Sharon Van Meter
Dame Jeanne Voltz
Dame Carolyn Wente
Dame Lori Willis
Dame Stacy Zeigler


Brock Circle Chapters

Atlanta Chapter
Austin Chapter
Boston Chapter
Chicago Chapter
Dallas Chapter in Honor of
Dolores Snyder
Hawaii Chapter
Houston Chapter


Monterey Bay Chapter
New England Chapter
New York Chapter
Philadelphia Chapter
San Antonio Chapter
Seattle Chapter
St. Louis Chapter
San Francisco Chapter
Washington, DC Chapter


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