Brock Circle Membership

Qualifying for Membership

Any individual, any LDEI Chapter, and any business may qualify for membership in the Brock Circle by pledging a $10,000 donation in one lump sum or paid over a period of time, up to 10 years at a minimum of $1,000 per year.

If not offered as a lump-sum donation, then the Brock Circle member will be invoiced annually. Monthly or quarterly payments are fine, assuming they are equal to the agreed annual installment by the end of the year.

Unless paid in a lump sum, Brock Circle members must acknowledge their commitment by signing a pledge document.

Donors must specify that the funds are dedicated to the Brock Circle. Unless previously designated as such, donations must be made from the time of the kickoff, October 13, 2012, and beyond.

While donations in any amount are welcome, Brock Circle benefits accrue only to those who pledge the $10,000, payable within ten years of the first donation.

All donations will be acknowledged in writing and the privileges of membership will be immediate upon the specified first donation

Tax deductions occur at the time of the actual donation, not on pledging.

Maintaining Good Standing

Invoices will be issued on/around December 1, and payments must be received by December 31 of each year. General reminders may be included in other Brock Circle correspondence such as solicitations.

Extensions may be requested of the LDEI Board Treasurer. If the annual portion of the pledge is not received within the year, and no extension arrangement is in place, the Board may vote to rescind membership.

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