Brock Circle Membership Benefits

Benefits of Being a Brock Circle Member

A pledge of $10,000 payable over 10 years earns the donor, whether an individual or an entity such as a chapter or a business, special recognition by LDEI at every opportunity:

  • Permanent status as a member of The Brock Circle
  • Recognition at LDEI Annual Conference including a special "Brock Circle" ribbon on credentials
  • A limited edition insignia which may be worn only by members of The Brock Circle
  • Listing in LDEI publications such as a Quarterly
  • Invitation to a special event at Conference
  • Use of The Brock Circle logo on one's own printed and digital communications
  • Annual Brock Circle updates
  • Mention in Brock Circle Members List

Benefits of Chapter Membership


  • Brock Circle Chapter ribbon for members of Chapters at Conference
  • Chapters may opt for a plaque in lieu of receiving a pin
  • In the case of Brock Circle Chapter membership, one person will attend the special members-only event, but all chapter members will be recognized at larger events
  • Logo designation on conference Photos

Brock Circle Membership Pledge

Membership is contingent on meeting the agreed payment schedule for the $10,000 pledge over 10 years. This applies to chapters as well as individuals. See Maintaining Good Standing

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