LDEI  Green Tables Now & in the Future

As we look to the next 10 years of our Green Tables (GT) Initiative, LDEI seeks to inspire members to adopt more GT values and practices within their own food businesses and professional activities. Such member-driven efforts, along with GT projects within our chapters, will demonstrate the leadership of LDEI members to promote the growth of a more healthful, equitable and sustainable food system in their own communities and beyond (as defined in Section 1404(18) of the National Agricultural Research, Extension and Teaching Policy Act of 1977).


Promoting Health

As LDEI chapters and as individual professionals, we promote health when we pursue and support products, business models, programs, initiatives and educational efforts which positively affect the public health of our communities.

We may do this by:

  • educating ourselves and others about the intersection of food and health

  • buying, developing or pioneering new products

  • changing values and practices in our businesses to arch towards healthy foods

  • participating in broad initiatives that move our society towards healthier practices


Supporting Equity

As chapters and as individuals, we support equity when we take actions and make decisions that support access to good food and fare wages for all who participate in the food system. We can work to improve the distribution of healthful fresh food across our communities, improve wage disparities in our food-focused businesses and ensure that all public school children— regardless of their zip code—are offered healthful fresh food at school.


Ensuring Sustainability

As chapters and as individuals, we support sustainability with practices that replace, as much as consume, our natural resources and the food we farm, fish, buy and eat. We put effort into creating a more efficient system where less of our food is wasted and travels fewer miles. We educate ourselves and our community to ensure our food creation and preparation choices will leave our planet in a better state than we find it today.

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