Chicago Chapter Project

Farm on Ogden

This expansion of the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Windy City Harvest program, and one of the Chicago Chapter Green Tables’ recipients, is an extension of its existing partnership with the Lawndale Christian Health Center. Started over a decade ago, Windy City Harvest is the Chicago Botanic Garden’s urban agriculture education and jobs-training initiative to help build a local food system, healthier communities and a greener economy. Windy City Harvest serves low-income youth, adults and communities in a comprehensive program that focuses on youth development, workforce training and job placement; entrepreneurship training; farm business opportunities and access to quality fresh produce. The 20,000 square-foot Farm on Ogden will include: a large-scale hydroponics/aquaponics system, commercial kitchen and vegetable processing center, cold storage, a healthy corner store, and multi-community space. The facility will support year-round production, training and programming for windy city harvest participants from the community. Eighty percent of all donation for the Farm on Ogden are privately funded and average $100 each.

Farm on Ogden was selected as one of five finalists out of 24 applicants for a chance to win $500,000 from the food to market challenge competition funded by the Searle Funds at the Chicago Community Trust. Read On

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