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Yemeni Coffee Traditions and Family Dinners
Although Yemen produces one of the finest coffees in the world, most of it is exported. After preparing coffee for shipment, Yemenis gather the hulls and cherry skins for making Qishr. Nothing goes to waste in Yemen’s coffee process. Hulls and cherry skins are sold to local markets to make Qishr, which could be referred to as Yemen’s national beverage. Boiled into a “tea,” the beverage contains a hefty amount of sugar with the addition of spices such as ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon. Full Article

  • An Evening in Israel

    When you think of a trip to Israel, chances are your mind envisions a tour of Jerusalem including a visit to the city market where you pass vendors selling touristy "evil eye" jewelry, wooden goblets from Bethlehem, and aromas of spices in a melange of foods-some recognizable, some not...Such was the experience of Atlanta Dames during the chapter's Global Culinary Initiative program featuring the heritage of Israel.

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  • Boston
  • GCI Breakfast - Serving up the World at LDEI Conference

    Keeping up with food trends around the world not only makes us better culinary professionals, but it is a requirement in today's "Flat Earth" society. Despite the current emphasis on local, there is still an imperative to have our fingers on the global pulse because "global" may soon be your "local," as many global trends find their way into our multi-cultural society.

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  • Charleston
  • Out of Africa: Foodways of the Gullah - Geechee Culture

    The Gullah-Geechee peoples - called Gullah in the Carolinas and Geechee in Georgia and Northern Florida - are one of the oldest, surviving African cultures in the U.S. Their enslaved ancestors, of various ethnic groups, were brought from Africa to work on coastal plantations and the Sea Islands—a cluster of barrier islands along the Eastern coast of South Carolina and Georgia. Rough isolation and their diverse traditions blended into a hybrid African - American culture with strong African characteristics evident today.

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  • Hawaii
  • The Spice Cuisine of Sri Lanka - Teardrop of India

    Cooking with spice is hot! Hawaii Chapter Dames organized a cooking demonstration at ChefZone on March 30 as part of the chapter's Global Culinary Initiative series, "Cuisines of the World." During the session, Dame-Chef Kusuma Cooray, culinary professor emeritus at Kapiolani Community College, showcased the spicy cuisine of Sri Lanka, her native country.

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  • Houston
  • Houston Chapter Celebrates Cinco de Mayo with a Masa Lesson

    How do you make masa harina (corn dough flour)? In the spring, the chapter celebrated Cinco de Mayo with an informative and entertaining meeting at the home of my mother, Veronica Albin. We learned how to make masa, the basic corn flour used, for example, to make tortillas, sopes and tamales.

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  • Mexico
    Flavors of Mexico 2019 - Oaxaca: The Art of Mole
  • New York
  • Hungarian Culinary Rhapsody

    On the 31st of March, 2016, forty-six New York Dames were guests at the Hungarian Culinary Rhapsody, an elegant, private culinary reception created exclusively for LDNY members at the Consulate General of Hungary. The festivities began with a champagne toast, specialty hors d'oeuvres and live Hungarian music, followed by a food and wine tasting of prized Hungarian wines and food pairings.

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