Westport, MA, Farm-To-Table Award

Les Dames Host: Barbara Hanley, Shy Brothers Farm LLC

Shy Brothers Farm, an artisanal farmstead cheese company, located on the coast of Massachusetts, was founded in 2006 by Barbara Hanley, her husband Leo Brooks (now deceased) and the four Santos brothers, third generation dairy farmers. Their cheeses have won multiple awards from the American Cheese Society and World Championship Cheese competitions as well as the New England great state fair, the Big E. Karl Santos is the cheesemaker along with his twin Kevin. Their brothers Arthur and Norman--another set of twins-run the farms.

The cheeses have also been acclaimed by Food & Wine as one of the Top Ten in the US, and by Bon Appetit as a cheese likely to change the way we eat in the United States. For more details on the company and our cheeses, see www.shybrothersfarm.com.

Barbara was a founder and first President of the Massachusetts Cheese Guild, Inc., a non-profit trade group that has grown quickly from a handful of cheesemakers to 28, as well as several hundred trade and enthusiast members. For more info, see www.macheeseguild.org.

The successful candidate will stay at the 1815 Hanley home in a historic whaling village on the coast of Massachusetts, about an hour south of Boston and 30 minutes east of Providence RI. The farm is four miles north of the Hanley residence and the cheese house is in the adjacent town of Dartmouth, about eight miles east.

Depending on the time of year and our production schedule, the week will include a day on the farm, a day or two in the office, two days at the cheese house both making and looking at regulatory and food safety issues, and a day or two at other cheesemakers and/or at a Guild event. Depending on the interest of the winner, we can also spend time developing a recipe to be featured on our website.

Additionally, time permitting, we will take advantage of any Dames events in Boston or host some of our chapter Dames in Westport to meet the successful candidate.

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