New York City, Culinary Award

Les Dames Hosts: Susan Ungaro, President, the James Beard Foundation & Shelley Menaged, Manager of Special Projects and Student Programs

The James Beard House welcomes you to the historic townhouse, located in the heart of Greenwich Village, New York City, where James Beard lived, taught, and wrote more than 30 cookbooks. In fiscal year 2016, 200 events were prepared by more than 400 guest chefs, and enjoyed by more than 13,000 food enthusiasts.

You will spend up to 5 days assisting the guest chefs cooking that week, either during the daytime for prep (10 am - 4pm), the afternoon and evening for service (1pm - 11pm), or the full day seeing prep through dinner (10am - 11 pm). Exact timing depends upon the guest chefs needs for that day and on the number of hours you want to work in the kitchen for the week. Your exact schedule will be discussed with you and set 1-2 weeks before your first day in NYC.

In addition to working in the kitchen, you will be given a tour of the Beard House, enjoy lunch with Dames Susan Ungaro, President, and meet with Shelley Menaged, Manager of Special Projects ana Student Programs. You will also meet key staff to learn how our dinners are programmed and managed. With a new chef passing through practically on a daily basis, detailed planning, and communication is needed to produce theses successful dinners. Speaking of dinners, you will have the chance to join our members and their guests in the dining room and enjoy one of these dinners.

Chef's uniform, apron, and knives are needed for this stage. JBF will supply aprons and side towels, whisks, tongs, spatulas, and more.

Our guest chefs come from all over the country and can't always bring along their entire staff. You will work side by side with visiting chefs and their teams to prepare and plate a meal that highlights the chef's talents.

To help prepare for your "stage," visit to see who will be cooking at the House in the next month or so. For long term planning on dates that are not listed on the website, connect with Dame Shelley for a list of the chefs signed up for the months leading up to October 2017.

To see what is happening in the kitchen on any given night, check out the JBF Kitchen Cam.

To help defray expenses, we are working with the members of Les Dames d'Escoffier New York LDNY to arrange for a potential member to host for your accommodations that week. This will be dependent upon your scheduled visit and not guaranteed until confirmed.

We look forward to sharing our passion and our work with you.

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